Got Turbine Soot?

Got Turbine Soot?

Posted by Isaac Wilke on Feb 6th 2023

Turbine soot is a huge problem for any owner or operator of a turboprop aircraft. Some of the most well known models of aircraft for this issue are the Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Grand Caravan, Pilatus PC-12, TBM 940, and the Piper M600. Turbine soot isn't going away anytime soon and we have just the solution to clean up your aircraft and make it look like new. I've heard the horror stories of people spending hours under an airplane scrubbing and wiping off carbon or turbine soot. It's not a lot of fun on a hot summer day, especially when you'd rather be flying. Our customers who used other cleaning methods and solutions before Release have said that it was way easier and required less scrubbing than the previous cleaning method.

The reason why it's so easy because is Release's associative technology. The more time Release has to sit on the surface with the soil, like turbine soot, the more it will associate with it and remove it from the surface without damaging it. This brings up the question, what do you mean by surface damage? Some cleaners will eat away slowly at paint or into bare metal surfaces and create a pumice surface with lots of tiny divots. When that area gets dirty again it will be harder to clean because the soil will enter those new divots and accumulate more soot and dirt. It is only because Release associates with the soil that it doesn't attack the surface to remove the soil like a traditional cleaner. This is truly the newest and greatest cleaning technology. On top of that, Release is fragrance free, dye free and can be used on all surfaces in the aircraft and on the exterior. 

Release ready to use 32oz spray bottles are as easy as spray, let it sit, and wipe off and come to you pre diluted with our strongest mixture of Release. This will tackle tough built on turbine soot, bugs, oil, grease, dirt and more! Try some on turbine soot today like John from Chicago did. The picture below shows the before and after difference one just one application of Release. John was able to get the additional tricky staining off with a couple more applications of Release. 

In the image below, you can see how Release will associate with the turbine soot and release it from the surface as it drips down. 

Are you ready to experience the powerful but safe cleaning of Release? Get our Large Introductory Kit to experience the different dilutions, concentrations, and wipes we have to offer. Questions? Email or call (920)-339-5775.