Oil + Driveway = Big Mess

Oil + Driveway = Big Mess

Posted by Isaac Wilke on May 24th 2023

Oil and oil stains are tricky to remove and oftentimes lead to expensive chemicals and power washing services. Oil stains are caused by many machines and vehicles and can be hazardous when walked on or spread around through foot and vehicle traffic. There are products that help soak up oil but what do you do with the remaining oil and stain on the surface?

Often times I get phone calls and emails asking what products are best suited for specific cleaning tasks and my answer is Release. Release is a cleaner and degreaser that was developed for the aviation industry but has so many more uses. Release cleans organic soils such as oil, grease, dirt, exhaust soot, and many more. It works by associating with the soil and emulsifying it to release it without harming the surface. Release is a time association cleaner meaning the longer it has to sit and associate with the soil, the easier it will come off. For tricky soils, some agitation may be required. I recommend 2-4 minutes of sit time with some agitation for tough soils and stains like an oil stain.

But don’t take my word for it. Henry reached out to SyQuest stating that he had an oil stain on an aggregate driveway that he was trying to get up. He had tried all kinds of other cleaning chemicals with no success. He tried Release and let it sit on the surface to associate with the oil and power-washed it off after 3-5 minutes of sit time. Most oil stains require multiple applications but that is because Release contains no acid, ammonia, or harmful chemicals and is safe to use on all surfaces. Here’s what Henry has to say about his experience with Release.

“Worked well and did everything as stated as well as told to me by your representative. Great stuff.” - Posted by Henry W on Mar 19th, 2023.

Try Release Cleaner on your oil stain today. Check out our Ultra Concentrates and the best way to get started with Release, the Release Large Introductory Kit. Be sure to check out what our customers have to say on our reviews page.