Why do bugs harm paint?

Why do bugs harm paint?

Posted by Isaac Wilke on May 24th 2023

You’re minding your own business when all of a sudden, splat! A big juicy bug just hit your once clean and adored vehicle and you think to yourself it’s just one bug, what damage can it do?

When even one bug hits a painted surface it sends acidic fluids in all directions that can damage your vehicles paint if left unaddressed. Some of the potential issues bugs can cause is scarring of the surface and eventually becoming etched into the paint. This can cause staining and make the surface look unappealing decreasing your vehicles value.

What can I do?

Routine cleaning of painted surfaces is proven to reduce vehicle wear and keep your investment in tip top shape. Should you use any type of cleaner? It’s suggested that you don’t use glass cleaners, dish soap, or hand soap to remove bugs because they can be abrasive and strip long term protective coatings off. This is where Release excels.

Release Cleaner is dye free, fragrance free, and can be used to clean on all surfaces because of it’s associative technology that associates with the soil instead of attacking the surface to remove the soil. It contains no alcohol or ammonia and cleans any organic soil, like bugs, with ease. Release is a time cleaner, the longer it has to associate with the soil the easier it will come off. We recommend 2-4 minutes of sit time and to adjust for heavier soils.

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