Release Wipes - Box of 20

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Easy to use Release wipes are a convenient way to clean any surface, any time! 

Why use Release: 

Release was designed as an advanced cleaner that uses associative Technology.   You see, Release was designed specifically to associate with organic soils.  

Not like most cleaning products that are designed to attack the soil and often continues to attack the surface you are trying to clean.

Release is designed to be absorbed quickly by the organic soil and make it easy to release from the surface you are trying to clean.

Many of the products being used in the aviation industry were not intended to be used on the surfaces they are cleaning.  Some contain solvents that will craze plastic and harm the paint finish.  Others will attack the aluminum that the aircraft is substantially made from.  

Some products have actually put a dilution requirement on a spray bottle, as the product does not meet the testing requirements at the dilution supplied in the spray bottle.  If diluted as required the product would not work satisfactory. (Do you think anyone takes the product out of the spray bottle and dilutes it prior to using?)

The good thing is Release has been used on all parts of an aircraft both exterior as well as interior without issues.  In fact Dasault recommends Release for cleaning their reversers as they had issues with other products causing corrosion and early replacement of these expensive components.

Whether you’re cleaning soiled leather seats, Stained carpeting, the carbon from an APU port or the grime found in a wheel well you can count on Release getting the job done when other products fail.